We have collected the most frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find what you are looking for you can write directly to us using the blue button in the right corner or email us at: support@squidhub.com

Getting started

Can I use SquidHub individually?

Yes, in fact a lot of our users are using the iPhone and Android app as their personal todo list. E.g. for their grocery lists or private todos.

Where do I find the 60 second video intro?

Right here ;)

Account & Invitations

Why don’t I receive the group invitation?

Sometimes it happens that your friends invite you on an email address which you are not logged into SquidHub with. That's why you are not seeing the invitation.

1. Ask your friend to invite you using the email address you use in SquidHub
2. Or login with the email address that your were invited with. Then invite your preferred/default account to the group, so you can access all your groups from one account.

My friends don’t receive the group invitation from me

Please ask them to check their spam folder.

How do I remove a user from my group?

Currently, you can only remove invited users from the group. Once a user has accepted the invite, only they can leave the group.

How do I reset my password?

Press HERE and fill in your email. You will receive an email from which you can reset the password.

Browser & iPad

I can't see the content in my groups

If you can see the groups in the blue menu, but cannot see the boards/content in the group, then these 3 steps should help you:

1. Use Google Chrome
2. Update the browser to the latest version
3. Clear the browsing history (Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Clear Browsing Data)

I can't get the Google Calendar integration to work

Pop-ups have most likely been blocked. Try following these steps, and you should be all sorted

1. Use Google Chrome
2. Clear the browsing history (Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Clear Browsing Data)
3. Go to the Calendar. Click the Google Calendar icon. Select "Copy Meetings". In the address field in your browser, you'll probably see a small icon with a red cross (in the upper right corner). Click the link.
4. You should now be able to log into your Google account and accept the SquidHub link. If it still does not work please write support@squidhub.com and we will have you up and running in no time :)

The categories in my todo board is truncated (shown partly)

Try using Chrome - and you should be good to go.
If you are using a Mac and prefer Safari, you probably have to upgrade to the latest OS.

How do I rename a folder?

Simply double click on the folder and you are ready to rename it.

Which browser would you recommend?

We recommend that you use Chrome when working in SquidHub.

Can I use SquidHub on my iPad?

SquidHub is not yet optimized for iPads, so you may experience that some features doesn’t work as expected.

Apps for iPhone and Android

Can I access SquidHub from my smartphone?

Yes, you can download the iOS and Android app.

Can I control which push notifications I want to receive?

Yes. For each group you can define which push notifications you want:

a) New and completed todos
b) New files and links
c) New messages (turned on as default for all your groups)

Your ToDo list on steroids

My todo list is too long - how do I get a better overview?

When your todo list becomes too long, it is about time to start using categories. Categories allow you to create smaller blocks of todos. Typical ways to organize categories are:

By priority: High, Medium, Low
By phase: Todo, In-progress, Done
By day: Today, This week, This month
By type: Backlog, In Development, Testing, Bugs
By type: Blog posts, Social media marketing, Press

Documents & Storage

How much storage is available?

As of now there is unlimited storage in each of your groups.

Can I create a Google Document?

Yes. From the file menu you can click Create a Google Doc. Give your document a title, and the document will open in a new tab - ready to be access for your entire team.

How do I upload multiple documents?

You can select all the documents you want to upload and drag it to your group. This will upload all the documents.

How do I create folders and subfolders in my group?

Drag and drop a folder on top of another folder. This is the way you create subfolders.

How do I delete a folder?

Double click the folder you want to delete. A bin will appear. Notice that deleting the folder will delete all of the subfolders and all of the documents in these folders.

Organize your groups

Can I reorder my groups?

Yes. From the web application you organize the order of your groups by drag and drop.

What is the team name used for?

From the group settings you can add a team name. The team name can be used to indicate the name of your organization. E.g. you may be part of several groups/projects in your organization - then you can give each of these groups the same team name.

Adding a team name will make it quicker to skim through your groups.

After you add the team name, you can reorder the groups, so all projects within your organization are neatly ordered.

Staying up-to-date

Why do I see red dots on my groups, todos, files and messages?

The red dots indicate updates from your team mates since you were last logged in. This gives you a quick overview of which groups to check for recent updates. Inside each group the red dots lets you easily scan for new or updated todos, files and messages.

How do I control which push notification I receive?

In each group you can control which push notifications you want to receive. If you in a certain group/project want to know when new todos are added or completed, you just turn that on for this individual group. Similar for files and messages.

How do I see all todos and meetings at the same time?

Switch to the Calendar (just above your profile picture). The calendar is a consolidated view of all todos and meetings with a deadline - from all your groups.

Contact & Feedback

How do I contact SquidHub?

We are always here for you and listening to your feedback, request for new features etc. You can reach us at support@squidhub.com

I love SquidHub - and would like to help spread the word. What do I do?

We are always looking for people who are highly motivated and want to help improve the team collaboration for their teams and friends. Please share the good news about SquidHub with your closest friends, on Facebook, follow us on Facebook to get the latest news - or get in touch with us at ao@squidhub.com so we can catch up on how we can help you spread the word.