5 Ways to Increase Personal Productivity by Scheduling Your Day

5 Ways to Increase Personal Productivity by Scheduling Your Day
Increase personal productivity by scheduling your day

If you are reading this, you probably have a life with busy days filled with things you have to get done. But as with many other busy people, at the end of your day you probably often look back at it and realize that all you did was run from meeting to meeting and when you finally had some time to get some real work done you got interrupted again and again. Don’t worry this is normal and something to can take care of.

The main issue is that it is the outside environment that dictates how you work and not yourself. This means that meetings, interuptions, etc. quickly steals your attention. You become reactive, where you should be proactive. Proactive people have it easier. They dictate their time, what they work on and for how long. They do not allow the environment to control them. And how do they do it? By scheduling their day!

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you work whether you are a student, entrepreneur, single mom or housewife. In this post we will dive into 5 ways to increase personal productivity by scheduling your day that anybody can use.


1.    Get Organised

A survey of U.S office professionals found that 66% of workers are spending 30 minutes every single day for looking for stuff they lost. So, once you average that together based on the average wages that’s actually a 177 billion dollar wasted annually looking for misplaced and lost stuff. On top of that disorder, in general, has been proven reduced people’s productivity. So, the question is what areas of your life and work are disorganized.  It could be your desk, your closet, or even your computer like the actual files on your computer are hard to find, because you labelled them wrong and you don’t know where you saved them. You can use platforms like SquidHub to keep everything organized and in the right place.  Once you have made your to-do list the next thing is to look over the list and apply 80/20 rule. If you have ten items to do on the list two will be more valuable than the other eight put together. Go down to your list and ask yourself if I could do only one thing out of these before I was called out of town for a month, what one task I want to be sure to complete? Once you have identified the task, begin working on it and then stay with it until it’s complete. These simple steps can double your productivity sometimes at an optimal level.

2.    The Parkinson Law

Sometimes it happens that you have a to-do list and you put in the hours every single day, but still you are feeling that you have lost focus, when you leave work, desktop you think you have more things to do, you didn’t get much done today, where did my time go and why is my to-do list longer than time when I started work? If this has happened to you it means you need to schedule your day to increase your productivity. This is a pure case of the Parkinson Law, this Law says “the task will take all your available time to complete which means that work expands to fill all your available time. So, if you don’t have a set deadline for the task it will take longer than you expected. The solution for this problem is that a night before you need to figure out what are the three-four very important tasks that you will have to do the next day. This should be the last thing you do at the end of the day. These are the big and most important things. This is how you are going to prioritize your work day. The first thing that you will do is going to be the hardest one or most important.  Research shows that when you start work you have a high level of energy and productivity so if you schedule your important task on the top of your list and then next task accordingly you can stay productive and complete your tasks as well.

3.    Pomodoro Technique to increase Personal productivity

The theory behind Pomodoro technique is that any large task or any series of tasks can be broken down into short time intervals called Pomodoro each separated by a short break. This takes advantage of the fact that our brain has limited attention spans. The only thing you need to use for this technique is a timer. You can go old fashioned way and buy a new or you can use your phone. You can mix it with an app on your computer or phone. Use SquidHub to divide and manage your time. The easy interface of the app makes it really productive. You can choose the important tasks on the to-do list and set a timer. Continue to work on the task until the timer goes on. Then take a break of 5 minutes and get back to next task. After 4-5 tasks take a longer break. The whole point is focusing on the task at hand. This is how you can schedule your whole day and increase your personal productivity with Pomodoro Technique.

4.    Time Blocking: The Immortal Scheduling Strategy for productivity

Everyone works in a different way, some people work on the phone, other on the computer some without technology. Whatever you are doing there is a chance for interruptions. Once interrupted it can take as long as twenty minutes to get back to your “productive flow” and some people say that is much as two hours wasted a day due to interruptions. That is why so many people are not productive. If you are facing this type of situation then you need to use Time Blocking technique to increase productivity. The first rule of this strategy is “No Interruptions and distractions”. The second rule of the block time is it is always scheduled. It is something you have already planned and scheduled. While you are scheduling your day think about what are the main ways that you are getting interrupted during the day and how you can eliminate them. Practically this looks dedicating chunks of protected time to the important task that you have to do and doing them until you have them finished.

5.    Stop Multitasking On Important Tasks

This is a very important point, even if some of you are reading this blog, you could be cooking dinner, watching TV, while having a deep and meaningful conversation with your significant other.  We think that by doing multiple things at one time we are saving time, but research shows that multitasking can decrease our personal productivity and metal energy especially if the tasks are difficult one. In some cases, it’s been shown to take as much as 40% of our productive time to increase personal productivity focus on the things which are important one at a time only


If you follow all these tips and tricks you will see your personal productivity hundred times improved and your big tasks are goals will be accomplished well than ever before. If you apply all these tips today this could be your most productive day you ever had!


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