How to Easily Plan Small Events using SquidHub

How to Easily Plan Small Events using SquidHub

Event planning with SquidHub

Are you planning a special event for your sister, best friend, yourself, your child – or maybe your dog – and really want to make it perfect? Maybe you get overwhelmed by the amount of tasks – or maybe you don’t have the right tools to help you.

Worry no more! Here is a quick guide on how to easily plan small events, with tips and tricks from SquidHub.

We assume you have already decided on the topic of the event, the date and the venue – so now it’s time to get your hands dirty.

1. List down all your awesome ideas

You are also welcome to check out the inspiration in the event planning template that we prepared for you.

2. Write down everything you need to do

If you use SquidHub you can quickly organize your todos by

  • Importance
  • How urgent they are
  • Or whatever structure makes the most sense in your creative mind

You can also quickly mark your todos as done. And of course access them on the go with the iPhone and Android apps. You can always go back and review what you completed. Cool, right?

3. What about the budget?

Pick a budget for your event. And follow up on your expenses regularly. In SquidHub you can create a Google Sheet – quite handy for tracking your expenses and always having access to it.

4. Is the planning too much to handle by yourself?

It’s a lot more fun to plan an event with your friends – so shout out to them. Meet and delegate what needs to be done. Who are the champ of music playlists? Funny games? Decorations? Drinks? Invitations?

You can handle all of this inside SquidHub. All you have to do is invite them by writing down their email. You can now plan and communicate like a pro – and on the go.  

5. Don’t forget about the calendar!

Time is ticking. And your life is probably busy enough. Use the integrated calendar in SquidHub to keep a brilliant overview of the event planning. And don’t forget to use the reminders for important todos or activities that you have to prepare for the event.

6. Have an unlimited amount of fun at the event…

… and remember that everything in SquidHub is unlimited too (and free). You can create as many groups, add as many friends, and upload as many files as you like.

We are here to make planning an event simple.

Try it out


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